Roma Craft Baka

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Roma Craft Cigars Baka Gran Perfecto

Size: Gran Perfecto

Wrapper: African Cameroon

Binder: Not Disclosed

Filler: Not Disclosed

Body: Full


The Baka Gran Perfecto is a visually striking cigar, mostly due to its distinct vitola, but the contract of the wrapper and bands also helps, as does the overall combination of shape, wrapper and bands. The wrapper is an interesting shade of brown that has a bit of a cocoa hue to it, and it’s one I’d love to see on a side-by-side comparison with a number of cigars, both with Cameroon wrappers and otherwise, to try and figure out just what it is that makes this leaf stand out. As expected, the cigar is rolled incredibly firmly, and if you didn’t know better you might think it was a truly solid object as opposed to a collection of rolled leaves. The foot is surprisingly mild, with just a bit of red chili pepper coming out after some more intense sniffs. To get there, I encounter a very cool sweetness, almost like the aroma of a freshly opened pint of gelato or ice cream. The cold draw is near perfect in terms of airflow, with just a touch of resistance that is ideal for my preference. There is a bit more of the red chili pepper here, though it’s a bit more sauce-based and makes me think of a very tame sriracha, something that is as much texture-based as it is flavor-based. - Courtesy of Halfwheel